Jeremy Jones is an American badass who has inspired countless people to head to the mountains.  He dabbles in business and politics, but is known for snowboarding.


Jones Snowboards  |  O’Neill  |  POC  |  Clif Bar

Jeremy Jones Show notes:

1:51:  I couldn’t help myself and jumped right into Protect Our Winters and Politics

3:24:  How Protect Our Winters is taking the election, what’s the new strategy and how will they make a difference moving forward?   www.protectourwinters.org

9:58:  Did Jeremy ever think he would be so involved in politics?

11:17:  www.evo.com supports “The Powell Movement” and created a special offer for YOU!

12:02:  “The Powell Movement” Sponsor www.diecutstickers.com lets you know how to get a free set up as a thank you for listening.

12:50:  How did Jeremy get into snowboarding?  Where did he grow up?  What was that like?

15:31:  Other sports growing up and what was Jeremy like in https://www.gocva.com/ High School? 

20:22:  Snowboard racing days and searching for powder on the days off

24:08:  www.spyoptic.com is all about the Happy Lens.  If you haven’t tried them out yet, Spy has created a special offer for listeners that makes it an easy decision to pick up a pair of Spy’s.

24:50:  www.sierraattahoe.com is the place to avoid crowds in the Tahoe area.  Don’t spend a fortune on lift tickets to stand in line wishing you were at Sierra at Tahoe, go there instead.

25:28:  Was there big money in snowboarding for Jeremy in the 90’s?

26:18:  What is the transition from being a racer on www.rossignol.com to riding big mountains?

27:23:  Visiting his brothers www.tetongravity.com in Jackson Hole

29:26:  Riding with Johan.  http://snowboarding.transworld.net/videos/time-machine-johan-olofsson-in-tb5/#IqqAkKS6PHVhw5g3.97

31:17:  What is the level of snow safety in the early days?

34:34:  Getting the gear he wanted with Rossignol.

36:22:  The fear of creating your own brand.  The launch of www.jonessnowboards.com

40.46:  The future of Squaw Valley.  http://unofficialalpine.com/?p=11041