Snowboarding and hard work have done everything for Pat Bridges.  A writer by trade, Pat is also a talented snowboarder who proves the old saying “you can’t judge a book by its cover.”  Pat and I talk about developing his writing craft through snowboarding, the theme of his life and the road to Snowboarder Magazine.

Pat Bridges Show Notes

1:21:  What has Pat been up to?

2:19:  What’s a typical week look like to Pat?

3:48:  Who was Pat in High School, how did he get into snowboarding and what else did he do?

5:14:  What happens after High School?

7:48:  Who are Pat’s Snowboard sponsors and what is that life like? Rossignol Uvex Airwalk Scott

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10:56:  What jobs and people helped shape Pat’s career in Snowboarding and what was his secret to writing success?  East Infection Zine

15:12:  What other jobs has he had at Snowboarder and what are his responsibilities as Creative Director?

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22:51:  Pat talks about the dream job.

24:49:  Biggest career regret

26:11:  What is Pat most proud of?  Jake Burton Interview

28:27:  Did he wear the half beard in the Playboy Mansion Grotto?  Pat Bridges Half-Beard