Nate Bozung was once the young buck on Forum Snowboards who oozed style.  He fully embraced the rockstar lifestyle and rode with it.  Nate created brands, owned companies, traveled the world, blew money, and lived the drinking life to the fullest.  Now, Nate is back in Utah, living a life of moderation (for Nate) and figuring out what to do next.

Nate Bozung Show Notes:

1:30:  What is Nate up to now, going to a wedding and snowboarding 

4:00:  Growing up in CA and being Mormon

7:21:  Team sports, skiing, and skateboarding 

9:38:   Evo (listen for special offer) and Diecutstickers.com (Listen for 10% off your first order with DCS 15)

11:31:  Moving to Utah and meeting with Jordan Mendenhall

13:02:  Getting into snowboarding getting noticed and getting on Forum

15:00:  What were the Forum days like?

16:43:  How teams and snowboarding has changed

19:00:  Super model types that he’s into and Hollywood

22:28:  How do things end with Forum?

24:34:  RESQWATER is Proactive Recovery.

25:00:  Nate doing it on his terms

27:53:  Nate at contests and video parts:  True Life

30:26:  TechNine and DC and how much is he making as a pro snowboarder

33:17:  Quitting DC and being stuck in Canada

35:27:  When does he become Boznutz and Matty Ryan

38:15:  Getting robbed in Russia

39:54:  Tattoos and Drugs

44:18:  The reality tv show that never made it to tv

46:50:  Greece, Barcelona, NYC and Alcohol

49:35:  What are people’s reaction to Nate

51:09:  Mental hospitals and losing his house

55:00:  His social media persona and how friends and family react?

57:38:  Rehab and being judged

61 :23:  What is next for Nate?