Howard Katkov is doing something that’s never been done in the ski industry with his “Fight the Man, Own the Mountain Campaign.” He started as a surfer then became a student, lawyer, developer, manufacturer, corporate executive and for over a decade, he’s   been the owner of RED Mountain.  Now, he’s creating the opportunity for everyone to own a piece of what he and many others think is the best skiing in North America.  Find out his story and all about owning RED.

Howard Katkov Show Notes:

2:15:  Growing up and surfing

5:15:  High School without his parents and skiing

6:35:  College, Law School

10:00: Evo (listen for special offer) and Diecutstickers.com (Listen for 10% off your first order with DCS 15)

11:34:  Starting a Law Firm right out of Law School and then starting a development firm and doing huge deals and then the 1990’s hit

14:09:  The Makeup business, selling to Estee Lauder and going to work for them

17:40:  Skiing and life at that point

19:24:  How did he hear about RED Mountain, going there and buying property

20:51:  RESQWATER and Sierra At Tahoe

22:00:  Rosslyn and the community and the mountain

25:26:  What made him buy RED Mountain? How did the locals react?

31:04:  What projects has he completed at RED since he bought it?

33:20:  The consolidation of the ski industry and how they make their money

38:33:  Fight the Man, Own the Mountain