Roy Tuscany was that cocky, aspiring pro skier that I’m sure everyone knew at one point.  He had his life together, graduated from college and moved out west to pursue his ski dreams.  When Roy overshot a jump and suffered a life altering injury, everything changed.  He realized that there was more to life than himself and that it was time to give others the support he received when he had his accident.  Through the High Fives Foundation, that punk kid has become a selfless adult who strives to make the world a more fun place, especially for people going through what he did.


Roy Tuscany Show Notes:

2:00:  What has Roy been up?  Buying a house and engaged

5:02: Born and raised in Vermont and being an only child

6:40:  Sports growing up and getting into skiing

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10:10:  Is into the ski scene back in the day, who influences him and summer camps?

12:00:  What kind of kid was Roy in HS and being known for an unfortunate incident involving vomit and a police officer.

16:00:  Going to UNH and UVM and the Budweiser Aerial Assault Tour and what is his personality like at this point.

 23:00:  Moving out west after college to pursue the ski dream in Tahoe.

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27:30:  The defining moment of his life:  The injury

34:00:  The hospital and surgery

39:00:  The weeks after the injury

41:00:  Physical therapy and walking out of the hospital and what’s next

45:40:  Moving back East, getting botox and finding out that was a very bad decision and dark time in his life

50:00:  Moving back to Tahoe and working with Ladd Williams and how long did it take him to get back on snow and what was that process

53:00:  The first event and starting The High Fives Foundation

57:38:  Drinking and divorce

60:00:  Getting healthy 

62:00:  Amazing experiences