Miles Daisher is a perpetually stoked human being.  The worlds most accomplished BASE Jumper is part "watch this... hold my beer" and part calculated mastermind.  His story is literally, all over the map.

Miles Daisher 



Show Notes

1:54:  Air Force Brat, High School, College 

6:30   Being a College Mascot and Fraternities

9:30:  Evo and Diecutstickers spot and redemption code

10:46:  Post Grad year in Squaw and meeting Jimbo Fritsch, Jay Mueller, Shane McConkey, Frank Gambali. Kreitler and MC, Primal Instinct Bungee House

15:25 Mentor in B.A.S.E.

18:06 Living in a tent

21:35 Ski B.A.S.E

24:22 Spy and Sierra at Tahoe spots and redemption codes

25:37 Year in Chicago

29:18 Back to Squaw

31:30 Crazy Schedule

32:30:  try.outsidetv.com spot

41:16 Instructing

45:42 RedBull Airforce

48:38: Dealing with people thinking he’s selfish/crazy

50:27: Jumping out of planes without parachutes

53:08 Recent video of wingsuit guy crashing into trees and living