Chris Haffey is part athlete, part stuntman, part survivor.  He’s a professional rollerblader who started getting recognition for his skating when the industry was at its peak and became one of the top skaters in the world  as the bottom was dropping out.  While his peers were leaving the sport to find other ways to support themselves, Chris landed on the Nitro Circus, touring arenas across the globe with a motley crew of bad-asses.


Chris Haffey Show Notes:

1:45:     In Japan on tour with the Nitro Circus

4:45:    Growing up all over the country and getting into skating

7:45:    Daily Bread Magazine days

9:19:    Getting published and shooting as much as he could

10:05:  Evo ad and discount code

10:45:  Diecutstickers.com  

11:30:  Was skating something that consumed everything he did?  Was he on be-mag

12:09:  Meeting Chris Farmer in a chatroom

13:45:  Who did he skate with when he was coming up, Brian Bell and Esco Zoo

14:50:  What was High School like for him?

17:30:  What did his parents think about him getting his GED?

19:30:  Did he party when he was traveling to contests?

22:02:  Spy Optics ad and discount code

22:42:  Sierra At Tahoe ad

23:24:  Being a street skater and then transitioning to contests and the differences

26:44:  www.remz.com and making money in skating

28:40:  Dealing with people flipping you shit when you skate

31:16:  Park Etiquette  

32:16:  Finding inspiration in skiing and which skiers influence him and Is he familiar with Slvsh

34:37:  What does he think of people looking to him to “save” rollerblading?

37:10:  Fun on the road with the Nitro family

39:07:  How is his body at this point?

41:04:  Will we see another street section from Chris Haffey?