Leanne Pelosi is known for putting her blood sweat and tears into any project she is a part of aside from working at Earl’s (A long time ago).  She’s been named Rookie of the Year, Rider of the Year and this year won the first-ever Influencer Award.  Leanne’s career and film project can be looked at as a vehicle for the progression of snowboarding and raising awareness for women, both past and present, who shred.

Leanne Pelosi Show Notes:

:20:    What has Leanne been up to this fall?

5:12     From oil to snowboarding

7:44:    Getting carded in Canada

8:32:    Evo (listen for special offer) and Diecutstickers.com (Listen for 10% off your first order with   DCS) 

10:43:   Moving to Whistler against her parents’ wishes and sponsorship the Bieber way

13:30:  Contest mentality

15:35:  Focusing on filming

16:45:  Working at Earls

19:40:  Full Moon movie

20:17:  Spy (25% off site wide, listen for code) and Sierra at Tahoe spots

25:30:  Loyalty to her snowboard sponsors

27:35:  Gender inequity in snowboarding

30:40:  Best trip ever

33:15:  What does snowboarding need?


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