Anthony De Rocco has done all there is to do in the Snow Sports Industry.  From engineering, to sales and marketing to CEO.  The “work hard, play hard” philosophy has led Anthony to the peaks of many mountains,  the heart of China and now, the forefront of American Ski, Snowboard, Surf and Skate manufacturing.

Anthony De Rocco Show Notes

2:50:  I ask what life was like as a youth for Anthony. Anthony gives an overview of his career.

4:51:  Getting into snow sports and skiing at Ski Acres (Summit Central)

5:43:  Playing soccer for University of Washington and Gonzaga

6:30:  Getting older and living younger.  Anthony lives by the phrase “work hard, play hard”

8:06:  Scholarships, Spokane and skiing

9:45:  Anthony’s best college story involves a party reptile and meeting his future wife.

11:00:  What happens after graduating from Gonzaga?

12:00:  Evo (listen for special offer) and Diecutstickers.com (Listen for 10% off your first order with DCS) 

13:31:  Being recruited by Notre Dame and University of Washington

14:55:  Working for Boeing, The Robbins Company and finally Olin in 1990

16:30:  The Olin, the early K2 days and the travel that goes along with it.

19:10:  What was his role in the snowboard side of things in the early days?

20:18:  What synergies are you finding between ski and snowboard design in the early days?  How did you learn from each other?

22:30:  Spy (25% off site wide, listen for code) and Sierra at Tahoe spots 

23:52:  What was the problem with skiing in the mid 90’s?

25:49:  Executive Vice President of K2, the production shift and being the messenger

29:44:  The travel and how much does it impact the family?

33:00:  2011-2014 CEO of K2.  Did he have CEO aspirations?

34:15:  How did he end up moving from CEO of K2 to running K2 China?

35:00:  How did he get the job as CEO of Mervyn Manufacturing and what’s it like?

36:58:  Green manufacturing, solvents, why Mervyn is the best he has ever seen (Anthony has seen almost every snow sports factory in the world) and American Made.

40:08:  State of the art new offices in Seattle

41:45:  The differences between K2 and Mervyn and getting better every year

43:00:  What’s on the horizon:  Bent Metal, Skis

44:48:  Surf:  Mike Olson driven process that creates counter-seasonal business.