Kevin English went from a dream job managing athletes to a dream job managing campers, counselors, and it hasn’t been easy.  He’s lived through corporate layoffs, corporate selloffs and eventually the drama that comes along with purchasing a passion-based project with friends.  We talk about K2, Travis Parker, buying summer camp, merging with the competition and a lot more

Kevin English Show Notes: 

 2:42:    What has Kevin been up to?  Work grinding, life grinding family grinding

 5:00:    HCSC snowboard competition and how many campers do they need each summer to succeed?

 8:20:    HCSC and Windells Sells fun….but there’s a lot more to that.

 9:27:   Kevin and my camp experiences as kids and East Cost camp legacy’s

12:20:  Riding for Simms and his first summer at HCSC

13:40:  Evo (listen for special offer) and Diecutstickers.com (Listen for 10% off your first order with DCS) 


15:25:  Growing up in Donner Summit and how he got into snowboarding and other sports growing up

18:07:  What does he do after High School?   

21:08:  Sugar Bowl, a lot more exciting than it read on Linked in.

22:20:  Counselor and then coach, then Head Coach at HCSC

23:09:  His K2 days:  Vashon, layoffs,

25:00:  K2 Snowboarding Rollerblading Ad and the back story

28:55:  Travis Parker

33:57:  Who’s career did he have to end (Brian Savard ) as a TM at K2?

36:00:  Who’s career did you help (Gretchen Bleiler) at K2?

37:20:  Spy (25% off site wide, listen for code) and Sierra at Tahoe spots

38:55:  How did he get back into summer camp?  Running the business for Vans

40:21:  Vans is dumping camp because it doesn’t fit in the portfolio and Kevin puts a buying group together and buying camp

42:36:  Kevin leaves camp to develop real estate

40:12:  Megan and Preston leave, big changes at camp

46:50:  Getting his MBA and why he felt he had to do so

48:40:  Merging with Windells, how does that happen and the vision for the future