Doug Bishop, the GM of Newschoolers.com is more than just a visionary in action sports.  He’s a passionate skier who is focused on building community while wearing his heart on his sleeve.  These days he finds himself behind a desk, selling the dream that is skiing in the digital world and creating a second home for skiers all over the world.  While he didn’t have a solid plan out of high school, Doug’s career blossomed into owning a piece and selling said piece of Newschoolers.com, rising to the position of GM of the site and when traveling, being one of the scariest people at the bar (in a good way…I think)

Doug Bishop Show Notes

2:33 His title and what he does at Newschoolers

4:34:  Born into skiing and being a ski racer and why every skier should wear spandex at least once

6:54:  Doing Orienteering?  A sport that kids like Doug did in Canada

8:19:  Attempting to go to Carleton University with the idea of being a writer, seeing Freeze Magazine, deciding to drop out to become a pro skier and what his family thought about that.

12:00:  High North Ski Camp

15:30:  Getting certified, coaching park skiing and helping create the Level 1 for Canada and then getting a job at Blue Mountain on the park staff and competing when not working.

17:17:  His pro career, using Newschoolers for the first time and who is Matt Harvery.

20:50: Diecutstickers.com (Listen for 10% off your first order with DCS) and Evo (listen for special offer)

22:30:  How did the first meeting with Harvey go, what happens when he takes a job with Freeskier?

24:52:  realizing running the park was not going to happen at Blue Mountain, coming to the realization that he was losing every contest and his girlfriend leaves him and making a huge shift in life:  moving to Montreal and selling for NS.

27:00:  When did he start turning NS around with advertising dollars and then selling Newschoolers and getting paid.

29:31:  Spy (25% off site wide, listen for code) and Sierra at Tahoe spots

31:00:  The big changes that they experienced once Newschoolers was owned, The good and bad.

33:13:  The latest acquisition has Doug working in print as well as digital.  What he learns from print and what they take from him. 

34:26:  What marketers need to know

36:04:  When Doug feels print is more important than digital

37:48:  His antiestablishment attitude and how does he shake it up as he gets older?  And why is the youth not angry anymore?

41:25:  Reporting the news, good and bad.  What kind of hoodie was John Spriggs looking for and the reaction to this on the site and comparing that to the Nick Goepper news a couple of years ago.