At first glance, there’s nothing that screams “rad” about Mike Jaquet, but at points in his career he has been one of the most influential and visionary people in the world of action sports.  From founding FREEZE Magazine to directing sales and marketing at Transworld to VP of College Sports TV (and being bought by CBS) and his last paid employment, a 5 year run as CMO of The U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association that ended 4/1, Mike has left positive legacies everywhere he's been.  His career has developed and intersected with influential personalities and moments in sports and we Mike and Shane in the early 90s

Mike Jaquet Show Notes:

2:34:  Leaving his most current role as CMO of The U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association

3:18:  The early years growing up in Sun Valley (Ketchum)

7:07:  Mike as a champion cross country ski racer

9:54:  Going to the University of Colorado, getting in-state tuition and spending time with Kent Kreitler

11:30:  The house in college where he lived with Shane McConkey, Kent and DJ Hodge and the story behind the Boulder Riots

15:43:  Evo (listen for special offer) and Diecutstickers.com (Listen for 10% off your first order with DCS) 

17:20:  Ski Movie, A movie that comes out in 1992 that Mike Jaquet edited and shot parts of (you can see the edits in McConkey) for a journalism project in college.  How to see the lost footage of the McConkey

21:35:  Huge cliffs with Shane in the 90’s, the Lake Powell trip and the insane footage they captured and what he was doing on snow

23:10:  Was he there when Shane was banned in Vail?   Jasper Gray, Futuristic Films

24:00  Was there any chance or interest in being sponsored?

25:20:  Did he understand the importance of McConkey while he in college?

27:19:  His football show in college, big time players and earning the nickname “The Convincer”

31:14:  Going to Hollywood with his VHS Reel and getting his break with his ski movie getting on RSN

32:27:  Working with Anna Nicole Smith on a topless show “Edenquest” and moving from PA to Director in 24 hours

35:28:  Spy (25% off site wide, listen for code) and Sierra at Tahoe spots

37:18:  A reality show TV treatment that turns into FREEZE Magazine and the early days of FREEZE and Transworld gives him 200K to start the mag with issue 1 and it made money because the pitch was easy

43:11:  Signing teenagers to contracts and sending them around the world to party

45:29:  Shane and other new school skiers and what made Shane different and the credit he deserves in terms of marketing and development.

47:16:  There is something in the water in Tahoe

48:13:  The US Open in Vail and why the breakout year was kept off ESPN and was a huge  missed opportunity but they cashed in on the Lifestyles condoms deal

52:31:  Why Transworld killed FREEZE and what has happened to them by only listening to spreadsheets and not the market or advertisers

57:14:  Working for startups and his next startup venture, CSTV.  Who he met, what he learned and getting bought by CBS and making a little bit of moneyand then working at CBS

1:01:00:  Taking a role at the USSA as CMO and working for Bill.  What happened to his Anti FIS attitude?  What did he accomplish at the USSA.  Would he still be there if Bill was still at the USSA?