Shane Bonifay has been a professional wakeboarder for 21 of his 33 years. From bringing closed toe set ups to the masses, to wake-pants, to acting as the driving force behind the ‘Pointless Crew’ Shane has done a lot over his 21 years of being a pro and shares the best and worst on the podcast

Shane Bonifay Show Notes

 :10:  The hit and run saga

8:05:  Photo shoot for Liquid Force

9:39: Growing up in Lake Alfred, FL , his parents, waterskiing babies and Cypress Gardens

12:28:  Competing in three event and then getting a boat and wakeboard in 1994

13:34:  Picked up a sponsor a year and a half later (Liquid Force) and being on them for 20+ years

14:30:  Going under the knife

15:25:  Wakeboarding is a sport for the privileged, how was his lifestyle growing up?

16:30:  Waterski school at his house and the perks that came along with that.

17:41:  Other sports, rollerblading and ramps in the backyard 

19:21:  What is high school like for him?  Was he on the standard program?

20:43:   Evo (listen for special offer) and Diecutstickers.com (Listen for 10% off your first order with DCS) 

22:30:  School continued

23:28:  Growing up with an older brother who is crushing it on a global level and who are his influences

25:05:  The Pointless Crew and video shooting and editing today.

28:49:  Controversy on the internet and how did it impact his career?

32:14:  What does he think of contests in general?

34:36:  Spy (25% off site wide, listen for code) and Sierra at Tahoe spots

35:47:  Was there any jealousy of Parks’ success?  What was it like coming up in Parks’ world and who wins at fights?

37:35:  What are his hobbies outside of riding? 

38:30:  Jetpilot Wakeboard pants and JNCO’s

39:47:  2008 and being looked at as one of the second wave of rail guys….Any features that stick out?

42:29:  How much can a pro wakeboarder make in a year?

44:19:  The party aspect and lifestyle of his career compared to pros coming up today

45:11:  The closed toe innovation in wakeboarding and Shane’s influence

47:35:  The worst trick names in the world come from wakeboarding

48:18:  What’s next for Shane?