Cam McCaul has done more in 31 years than most people do in a lifetime.  It all started with his bike and he’s never looked back.  From the beginnings of mountain biking to the slopestyle contests of today, Cam has lived through it all.  Unofficially retired from competition, Cam is still at most events, only now he’s commentating on the action.  And if you miss the comps, you can always see him hosting ‘Locals” on Outside TV.

Cam McCaul Show Notes

 1:40:  How are things in France and experiences traveling internationally.

4:14:  Where was he born and what did his parents do

6:07:  His dad was into racing motorcycles and raced before he had kids

7:22:  How did Cam get into biking and what other sports did he play?

9:07:  What was his relationship with his brother Tyler like?

10:36:  How did the movie Evolution change his outlook on what can be done on a bike .  The inspiration of Kirt Voreis

12:37:  Getting a sponsor through a RaceFace UFC video contest, other sponsors and learning the sponsorship game.

16:44:  Evo (listen for special offer) and Diecutstickers.com (Listen for 10% off your first order with DCS 15) 

18:20:  What does he think of the evolution and slopestyle?  What do they mean to the sport and progression?

21:50:  When is the progression to much?  When is someone going to die in one of these competitions?

26:38:  Injuries, concussions, and competing when you are a dad.

28:50:  Video parts that he’s most proud of?  Check out Sweet Morning Light edit

30:27:  Time on the Nitro Circus and the relationships he created

32:01:  Transitioning to becoming an on-camera personality.  Cam is currently the host of ‘Locals” on Outside TV.

36:46:  What will the next innovation in bikes be for both the Pros and the weekend warriors.  What is Cam’s quiver of one?