In a world of big personalities, adrenalin fueled exploits and high risk, Andy Farrington is the calm voice of reason.  The youngest member of The Red Bull Air Force, Andy is looked at as the quiet, badass who can pilot a wingsuit like no-other.  From cancer at age 2 to 25,000 skydives at age 33, to wingsuits and Hollywood, nothing can stop Andy Farrington

Andy Farrington Show Notes

1:51:  His last big trip to Jordan with Miles Daisher

3:20:  His family history of skydiving starting with a downed plane in the war

6:54:  Checking skydiving off their bucket list

7:44:  Jumping in the womb and growing up with skydiving in the blood

9:36:  Cancer at two years old

11:48:  Making money in skydiving in the 90’s

12:07:  What sports did he play growing up?  Traveling the world for Paraskiing with his parents

13:40:  How many kids in the Farrington family and what’s the craziest thing that happens when the family gets together?

15:19:  Who sponsors Andy these days.  Red BullSquirrel WingsuitsSmith and K2

16:20:  Evo (listen for special offer) and Diecutstickers.com (Listen for 10% off your first order with DCS 15) 

17:56:  How are they traveling all over the world on a skydiver’s salary?

19:09:  Getting his first tandem jump in Austria at age 12 and then waiting for four years to really jump while dreaming of being a skysurfer

22:46:  Jumping 16 times on his 16th birthday

24:20:  Spending his life in the air and close calls

27:00:  How many people close to him has he lost and what does he think of the risk?

29:40:  How has technology changed everything that he’s doing? How has it changed in wingsuits?  The flying up video

32:19:  How has proximity flying upped the game?

33:18:  Being in the movies:  TransformersGodzillaIron Man

37:00:  Speed riding and when he started doing it and the Red Bull Unrideables

39:17:  Red Bull Aces and how competitions change the game

42:58:  What’s next?  How do you push it?