Bryce Phillips is as modest as they come for a guy that built an empire that helped change the landscape of retail in action sports.  From his humble beginnings as a first grade entrepreneur in Oregon to his professional ski career, to the ups and downs of EVO, Bryce has earned everything he’s built.

Show Notes

2:15:  What is going on in Bryce’s life this week?

2:48:  Recently breaking his back

3:45:  Growing up in Roseburg, OR and what childhood was like

6:00:  Tough lessons learned as a kid that impact who he his today

8:00:  Sports as kid and how Bryce got into skiing in 5th grade

9:47:  Buying and selling stuff as a kid

12:18  Evo (special offer) and Diecutstickers.com (Listen for 10% off your first order with DCS 15) 

13:23:  Bryce getting in trouble when he was a kid and what made him change

14:21:  College at SPU and bringing the hustle north and setting up school to ski

16:00:  Showrooms in the dorms, internship at K2, and splitting time in Whistler

18:00:  Buying and selling in Whistler and finding Ebay

19:10:  Heavy Hitting Films, comps and managing school

21:09:  Buying houses in a crazy market

22:10:  Patrol USA Use TPM10 at checkout on the site and get 10% off and RESQWATER

23:25:  Sponsorships that fit who Bryce is and what he wants to accomplish during his “B” ski career.   . 

25:28:  The risk, highlights, and lowlights in his ski career

28:31:  Evo as a bunch of pop up stores on the side of the road 

30:12:  Building the empire and the Great 8

33:04:  Opening a storefront and building community

34:36:  The challenges of retail and getting into real estate

35:34:  The financial crisis, its impact on Bryce, and raising funds to stay alive

38:58:  Creating The Pass Life and Evolution Projects

41:02:  The web is much more difficult than what people once thought and why retailers die

43:00:  How many hours is Bryce putting in these days and how much is he traveling?

44:40:   Who is Bryce inspired by?