Jeff Ament is known for being the bassist for Pearl Jam but his story goes much deeper than that.  He doesn’t do many interviews, and none go this deep.  From working on a farm in small town Montana, to turning down football scholarships as an all-state quarterback, to music, to charity, the dude has done a lot in his life and he’s remained as humble as they get.   Hear it all on the podcast.

Jeff Ament Show Notes

1:35:  What has Jeff been up to lately?

3:25:  Born and raised in small town Montana in a family of 5 and developing a strong work ethic by working on the farm and how that could have rubbed people the wrong way at times

9:25:  Big Sandy High School, skateboarding, team sports and turning down football scholarships.

14:17:  Evo (Use the code TPM10 for 10% off at checkout) and  RESQWATER (enter the code resqwatertpm for a 20% discount on a 12 pack) 

15:45:  What did he see growing up near Indian Reservations that impacts him today,   his dad wanting him to become a priest and understanding the poor kid

22:30:  Art, getting into guitar, music in the 70’s and then Jeff going on a tangent that includes Seattle, Mark Arm, and opening for big bands for the first time.  

29:18:  Punk rock music during college in Missoula, putting school on the backburner and what his parents thought of moving to Seattle with Sergio.

32:45:  10Barrel Brewery and Sierra At Tahoe

34:46:  What are the shitty jobs that he had when he moved to Seattle?  Washing dishes and working his way up in the restaurant game 

37:30:  Playing a distorted bass, jumping really high and what he looked like at the time.

40:46:  Green River, being an unofficial investor of Sub Pop, and being a part of the Seattle “scene”

43:04:  The end of Green River, how long is he out of a band and the start of being in bands that weren’t his best friends….Mother Love Bone and getting a demo deal in a month.

47:52:  Is he still poor when Mother Love Bone is signed?

50:00:  Andrew Wood  dies and Jeff needs a backup plan now that he thinks his shot could be over.

53:00:  Music becoming fun again and playing with Stone Gossard again

54:00:  Pearl Jam comes together quickly with the best musicians and Dave Kruzen

56:40:  Singles movie

60:00:  He has everything and nothing.  Dealing with being famous

63:00:  Money and things he’s splurged on

67:00:  Fan clubs  and building an audience

70:00:  Ames Bros

73:00:  When things go wrong at shows you do not cancel

1:14:  Vitalogy foundation,  Montana Pool Service and kids/schools

80:00:  Getting into skiing and snowboarding with Doug Coombs