There was a time when Axl Rose left his small town in Indiana as there was nothing left for him there.  To make it, he needed to move west where he would surround himself with other, likeminded people.  While Nick Goepper is no Axl Rose, his story is the same.  He started honing his craft in the Hoosier state, moved west to Windells Academy and found more success than he ever dreamed of.  Like Axl, Nick learned that with success comes problems.  While Nick didn’t alienate his fans and get fat, he did uncover some real issues that we talk about in the podcast.

Nick Goepper Show Notes:

1:44:  The Olympic facility and what it offers

4:09:  Christmas at the Goeppers and life starting in Indiana

8:11:  Being the oldest in the family and sports

13:25:  Evo (Use the code TPM10 for 10% off at checkout) and RESQWATER (enter the code resqwatertpm for a 20% discount on a 12 pack) 

15:00:  Rollerblading, skateboarding and trampolines

18:00:  Getting into skiing at Perfect North

21:07:  The recession and having to work for himself to keep the ski dream alive

26:42:  Backyard set ups

28:00:  Who is he in High School and competing against Chris Laker

32:00:  Keeping the dream alive with a full scholarship to Windell’ s Academy  

40:30: 10Barrel Brewery and The Summit at Snoqualmie (use the code Powell18 to get pre-season pass prices)

42:25:  Does he ski powder, tricks that were career changing, and first X-Games

47:00:  His ski lifestyle.  Does he care if other people like him?

52:15:  Crushing it at contests and heading into the Olympics with a broken hand, skiing without poles, and hearing about it on the internet.

58:40:  Is he pissed about 3rd place in the Olympics

61:00:  What does it take to qualify for South Korea

63:00:  Throwing rocks at cars and Nick’s downward summertime spiral into alcohol and depression

74:00: What will he do after skiing and what can he make in a good year?