Brita Sigourey has spent most of her ski career in two places:  Standing on the podium and laying in a hospital bed.  She’s going into the Olympics with a clean bill of health and the some of the best results she’s ever had as a professional skier.  On the podcast Brita and I talk about her whole life and focus on the multitude of injuries she has experienced over the past 8 years, coming back to podiums each time and more.  It’s another good one!

Brita Sigourney Show Notes:

2:54:  Big year for Brita

4:00:  Growing up in Carmel California, sports, school and getting into skiing

12:00:  Competing in every discipline as a skier

14:40:  Evo (Use the code TPM10 for 10% off at checkout) and RESQWATER (enter the code resqwatertpm for a 20% discount on a 12 pack)

16:15:  When does she decide to specialize in pipe and what is the up and coming contest scene like?

19:30:  Should she go to college?  How do her parents feel about that?  Hell Week for college water polo

22:09:  Injuries, injuries, and partying

30:57:  Focusing on pipe at Junior Worlds and X-Games

34:50:  10Barrel Brewery and The Summit at Snoqualmie (use the code Powell18 to get pre-season pass prices)

36:20:  Getting on K2 and other sponsors :  Holden, Coal, Pow, Monster and Giro.  

42:36:  A bunch of wins and Injuries and injuries and more injuries and a lot of comebacks

49:30:  Test event in Sochi and an injury, telling her sponsors about injuries and money

57:19:  Getting ready to qualify for the Sochi Olympics, getting hurt before the games and the Olympic experience

63:00:  Being injury free, having a lot of success and competing with Maddie Bowman

65:00:  What is next for Brita?

67:00:  Inappropriate Questions