Mikey LeBlanc is a legend in snowboarding .  He’s known for teeth breaking ollies, high consequence rails and riding just about everything during his 25+ year snowboard career.  His story starts in Maine and takes him on a tour of mountain towns as he navigates his way through the snowboard industry coming to find himself at the helm of one of the most stylish outerwear brands in the game.  Mikey’s story is one of heart, he worked his ass off to create some lucky breaks and then took full advantage of the opportunities he was provided.  He’s a cool dude and it’s a great story!

Mikey LeBlanc Show Notes

1:30:  What Mikey is up to now and is it Mike or Mikey

3:00:  Holden selling direct

9:35:  Growing up in Maine, skateboarding, snowboarding, sports, punk rock, metal and friends.

22:36:  The ski and snowboard rivalry

24:30:  Evo (Use the code TPM10 for 10% off at checkout) and RESQWATER (enter the code resqwatertpm for a 20% discount on a 12 pack)26:30:  Moving to Colorado for CSU and snowboarding, community service and  then leaving and moving to Breckenridge to live out of his car.

34:19:  The solid snowboard days, the best times of his life, getting sponsored by Ride, Whitey, Mack Dawg and the formative things that happened for him

40:00:  Moving to Utah with Whitey, getting JP Walker on Forum and bringing back handrails

43:43:  Riding everything and specialization and contests in snowboarding

48:54:  10Barrel Brewery

50:00:  Money in snowboarding

54:00:  Breaking his neck and injuries

58:00:  Holden, Love/Hate, KidsKnow , Chris Miller, Jarden

70:00:  VideoGrass and the Ollie/celebration

77:00:  Inappropriate Questions