John Cardiel is a rare breed of skater who is known for a fast, loose, and powerful style that will never get old.  He was Thrasher Magazine’s Skater of the Year at 19, had a long skate career, was paralyzed, amazed Dr's by moving again and now bikes like a madman. If you don't know about him, you should.  This is a story about a guy who puts everything he has into everything he does.  He goes one speed in life and it’s really f##king fast.  All Hail Cardiel!!!

John Cardiel Show Notes:

2:00:  Working with Chrome Industries , growing up in California, and team sports

7:30:  When does he really get into skateboarding, BMX , moving up to Grass Valley, High School, and weed

11:00:  His snowboarding career and the first documented Rodeo

19:15:  Getting on Dogtown Skateboards, things fall apart, moving to Black Label and working with John Lucero

23:40:   Evo (Use the code TPM10 for 10% off at checkout)

RESQWATER (enter the code resqwatertpm for a 20% discount on a 12 pack)

The 10 Barrel Brewery

26:00:  Winning Thrasher Magazine’s  ‘Skater of the Year’ and being branded skater of the year and money

33:00:  How does Anti Hero come together, Bob Burnquist, and sketchy situations

38:30:  John’s Transworld Skateboarding ‘Sight Unseen’ part, Mark Gonzales and injury

42:00:  The drive of John Cardiel

46:00:  A prognosis of never walking again and proving the doctors wrong

54:00:  Talking to Danny Way, meeting his doctor, and biking

57:50:  Skating in 2012 and knowing his limits

60:00:  Inappropriate Questions

John Cardiel Skate

John Cardiel Bike