Jon Julio has done so much throughout his career, maybe more than anyone else.  Over the years he has built companies (Valo Skates, Dyna Wheels, Synergy Bearings, Runners Project, England Clothing), created and produced events (IMYTA, Blading Cup),  and helped develop a video game.  On top of all that, he had to deal with the bumps and bruises  of his successful  20-year rollerblading career.   Now, he’s controlling his own destiny, investing everything he and his family has into his new venture, Them Skates and the sport he loves.

Jon Julio Show Notes

2:15:  Life is crazy right now for Jon

5:00:  Growing up in the San Jose area, sports, dancing and finding skating

8:00:  The Evolution of shops, skates, media, sponsors, community college, contests, and money

14:00:  Product development, learning the tools, USD

22:20: Evo (Use the code TPM10 for 10% off at checkout)

RESQWATER (enter the code resqwatertpm for a 20% discount on a 12 pack)

The 10 Barrel Brewery:    My favorite is Out of Office Pilsner

25:00: Starting Valo with Roces, the details and finding out that business is not personal

35:00:  Starting ‘Them Goods’ Distribution and the idea to start a skate company

42:00: Them Skates

48:  Inappropriate Questions with Erik Garcia