Colleen Quigley’s life has been a series of dream jobs…. but nothing never really seemed easy for her.  Coming up on the East Coast, Colleen was a shop rat who made a B-List pro snowboarding career happen.  Her time as a pro shred was nothing flashy but it set her up to shine behind the scenes in the world of snow.  On the podcast, we talk about her pro days, her desk jockey days, and being a woman on the office side of snowboarding.  It’s the first business episode in a while and it’s a good one. 

Colleen Quigley Show Notes:  

1:30:  Dakine ownership changes

10:00:  Growing up, snowboarding,  and red hair   

14:00:  Eastern Boarder, Waterville, and college

18:00:  Mammoth

20:30:  Evo:  The best online experience in action sports with retail to back it up

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21:45:  Things happening in snowboarding fast, getting paid and what is expected

28:00:  Money, High Cascade, board tests

42:20:   Spy Optic:  Get 20% off on their site Spyoptic.com using the code TPM20

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43:45:  The transition to desk life, Salomon, and leaving for Dakine

50:00:  Director of Digital Marketing, jumping into snow marketing, and letting go of details

55:00:  Being a woman in the world of snow and helping other women

60:00:  Inappropriate Questions with Leanne Pelosi