By the time Jim Rippey made it to high school, his goals were clear, he was going to punt in the NFL. When football didn’t work for Jim, he found snowboarding. Within a couple years on a board, Jim was a sponsored rider with Burton, eventually had 7 pro models, was the first to back flip a snowmobile. Then, one day in the Alaska, Jim found god and everything changed for him. Fast forward 15 years and Jim is a man of god, a correctional officer living a completely different life

Jim Rippey Show Notes:  

2:00:  April Fool’s and growing up with in Quincey, CA with his dad

8:00:  Football, then moving to Tahoe to be a liftie

12:00:  The sponsorship process

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Evo:  The best online experience in action sports with retail to back it up

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21:45: His pro models, the details he thought of and royalties/money

29:00: Being the stereotypical looking snowboarder, being addicted to weed and eventually quitting everything

38:00:  Finding god

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10 Barrel Brewery:  Buy their beers, they support action sports more than anyone

44:15: Jim selling me on a Jesus story and how do people react to his new found faith? 

50:00: Being the first one to land backflip on a snowmobile, the end of sponsorship and more god stuff?

56:00: BASE, can you make money as a pastor and why he isn’t the head of a Megachurch on tv?  

58:00: Becoming a Correctional Officer

64:00: Inappropriate Questions