Joel Gomez opened the first snowboard shop in the US when Sessions opened it's doors in Sunnyvale, CA in 1983.  The shop spawned an outerwear line, a record label, and the careers of some of the most influential athletes in the action sports space.  On the podcast he takes us through the history of Sessions, the legendary talent that happens to be his friends and what he is up to now.  The show closes out with some 'Inappropriate Questions' with Pearl Jam's Jeff Ament.  

Joel Gomez Show Notes:

1:30:  Putting on his first show with Willie Nelson

3:30:  Moving a lot and younger life, becoming a product of Santa Cruz,  and sports

6:00:  Image, skateboarding, and college

9:30:  Music, Caballero shows him snowboarding, and Tom Simms

17 :00:  Starting Sessions Snowboard Shop, raising money for the shop, and

20:30:  Stanley:  Get 30% off site wide with the code powell30

Evo:  The best online experience in action sports with retail to back it up

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23:00: Working at Sears, growing the shop, and mail order

28:00:  Maximizing dollars, Sessions Clothing happens, and athletes

35:00:  Getting heat for putting skiers on Sessions, 

38:15:  Spy Optic:  Get 20% off on their site Spyoptic.com using the code TPM20

10 Barrel Brewery:  Buy their beers, they support action sports more than anyone

39:45:  Sessions records, Sessions firsts, and athlete loyalty

46:00:  The financial crisis force forces with Samsung, getting out of that deal, and selling Sessions

53:00 :  Inappropriate Questions with Jeff Ament