Cesar Mora was born to become a professional soccer player and he was on track to make that happen.  He moved from Australia to Spain and began training with Rayo Vallencano before visa issues forced him out of Spain. When he returned to Australia, he worked at a skateboard shop, found rollerblading, and within two years, was on top of the sport.  He dominated vert from 95 to 99 and then he broke his arm.  While Cesar continued to compete, he was never the same.  It’s an interesting story with one of the best.

Cesar Mora Show Notes:

1:30:  Meeting each other and growing up in Australia

5:00:  Finding soccer, soccer gets serious, and training with Roye Vaccanno in Spain

12:00:  Moving back to Australia, school, and working at a skate shop

16:00:  Skating and being strong  

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21:30:  The Extreme Games, the first US Trip, and sponsors

32:30:  Being professional, The Offspring ordeal at the MTV Festival, and the first 1080

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42:45:  The K2 days, random injuries, and his arm

53:00:  Budget cuts, my observations, and the how things end with sponsors/skating

63:00:  Does his money hold out, what is he up to now? 

64:00:  Inappropriate Questions with Blake Dennis