Not too many professional snowboarders, or race car drivers, come from the streets of Great Falls, VA.  Tristan Herbert is the only person I know to have owned both those titles along with a few others.  A naturally gifted athlete who always seems to land on his feet, Tristan has used up more than a few of his nine lives on his way to running the US Race Programs for Lamborghini and Audi.  It’s a story full of injuries that changed Tristan’s career path time after time.


Tristan Herbert Show Notes

2:00:  What is Tristan up to at Audi?  Travel, responsibilities, and everything else.

4:00:  Why Tristan is the ideal candidate to wear the suit for Audi but still understand everything that the race team has been through.  He is also the logo police based on his prior career as a graphic designer.

6:00:  Born in Leesburg and growing up with a charmed life in Great Falls, VA and realizing it was a total bubble to grow up into

8:00:  Taking a year off after high school, riding Mt. Snow, getting on the Budweiser Ariel Assault Tour and enrolling at Keene State and how that was a strange college experience.

10:35:  Evo (listen for special offer) and Patrol USA Use TPM10 at checkout on the site and get 10% off  

12:25:  The pressure and risk of snowboarding today and what happened when you got injured on the Budweiser Tour.

15:00:  The day Tristan decided to jump out of the back of pick-up truck going 100 MPH and treating everyday like it is his last after going through that.

20:25:  Diecutstickers.com (Listen for 10% off your first order with DCS 15) and RESQWATER


21:25:  The first career changing injury for Tristan happens on his motorcycle and ends any hope of a pro snowboarding career.  Three years later he tries to ride and does his tib/fib.  He’s back on his board now.

24:55:  Moving to DC after college and starting to race motorcycles and then how does he transition to race cars?

25:00:  Getting sponsors, winning Am Championships and then winning a pro race that he was “lucky” to be invited to.

26:40:  How is he able to pull off racing while working full time at a design firm?

29:00:  Turning his passion into a career based on his athlete skills, driver skills and marketing background. A crazy interview opportunity turns into a gig as the Lamborghini Motor Sports Manager.  His whole life changes here.

31:10:  Moving on to Audi in 2014 to manage their US R8 program.

32:00:  Is he still able to race now that he is a suit at Audi?

32:40:  Link to Tristan’s brake failure video

33:25:  Link to Tristan driving through carnage like Cole Trickle and T-Boning someone at 100 MPH.

35:00:  What is next with Audi?  Launches, races…….