Like a lot of kids in California, Taylor Knox wanted to be a pro surfer at an early age.  Unlike a lot of kids, Taylor had a back condition would require 7 hours of surgery and 6 months in a full body cast...at age 15. While he lost time, he was still hell bent on becoming a pro surfer and his classmates thought he was crazy.  Fast forward to today, Taylor has had a legendary career that spans decades.  We talk about life, surfing, the momentum generation and a lot more on the podcast.

Taylor Knox Show Notes:

2:00:  Going to Australia for Mick’s last event

5:44:  Growing up, car accident, being reclusive and sports

10:20:  Moving to Carlsbad, surfing, and skateboarding

13:00:  Back surgery, full body cast and the dream of being a pro surfer


21:00:  Getting into the gym, supplements and coming back to surfing

27:00:  Being the top American at Worlds and getting his first contract with OP

30:00:  The influence of the momentum generation and making the tour

36:00:  Comparing the world of snow to the world of surf, The K2 Big Wave Challenge and the fame that came with it

44:00:  The differences between surf and snow:  danger, downtime, sharks

51:00:  Dating Tara Dakides, snowboarding, and being a kook on the mountain

55:00:  Surfing in nasty water and a huge 2001 that ends with 9/11

61:00:  Experimenting with different kinds of boards , what he’s riding now and fitness DVD’s 

67:00:  His last year on tour, Saint Archer, Villager Goods

72:00:  Inappropriate Questions with Adam Rode of Product Of The North