Josh Brown’s life has been an open book to the public from the time he moved to Foyil, OK (Pop 236) when he was a tween.  The publicity used to be a good thing that brought women, fortune and fame to a small-town kid who achieved a dream that alludes 99.5 percent of all kids, playing in an NFL Game.  Eventually, the publicity turned bad, domestic violence, divorce, and a virtual blackball by NFL teams.  Hear what Josh has to say about his meteoric rise, crash and burn and putting the pieces back together

 Josh Brown Show Notes: 

2:00:  The NFL Kicking Combine

9:00:  Growing up in Tulsa

13:00:  Getting into sports and then moving to Foyil, OK ( pop 234)

17:50:  8-Man football and Dexter Manley

21:00:  What is the recruiting process like?  Anything crazy?

24:00:  Evo (Use the code TPM10 for 10% off at checkout) and RESQWATER (enter the code resqwatertpm for a 20% discount on a 12 pack)

25:50:  Nebraska Football

33:12:  The most memorable game of his college career and preparing for the pros

38:51:  The trouble he got into in college

44:00:  Getting drafted, the Seattle Seahawks, investments, loaning money, special treatment.

52:00:  10 Barrel Brewery

53:30:  The Super Bowl Year and the end of his time in Seattle

61:00:  Contracts in the NFL and meeting Molly and getting married

66:00:  Moving to St Louis and trouble with his marriage

71:00:  Being molested as a child

74:00:  Time in St Louis, getting cut, trying out for the Jets, more trouble at home and getting the call from the Bengals

85:00:  How does he get into the zone to kick and life as a giant

91:00:  More relationship issues

105:00:  The aftermath of domestic violence

110:00:  Inappropriate Questions with former Seahawk David Vobora