Ben Weis has lived a rollercoaster of a life so far and he’s not even 40.  Ben came up in a dysfunction family in Minnesota, didn’t have the money to play hockey and ended up finding rollerblading.  In just three quick years he went pro in a sport where there was no money.  So contest winnings went into backing drug deals, they went bad, and Ben found himself a heroin addict/criminal who was in and out of prison.  He’s been out for a month, he’s clean, and this tale is a must listen. 

Ben Weis Show Notes:

2:00:  Austin, MN, no dad, and sports

7:30:  Skating, college, and world championships

12:00:  The Ben Weis Show style of skating, getting on K2, and pain tolerance    

22:30:  Stanley:  Get 30% off site wide with the code tpm30

Evo:  The best online experience in action sports with retail to back it up

24:15:  Weed, tour, and covers/video parts

29:00:  The bottom falling out of the sport, Amsterdam, and traveling broke

36:00:  Drugs, getting dropped, and devoting all his time to selling drugs

40:00:  Spy Optic:  Get 20% off on their site Spyoptic.com using the code TPM20

10 Barrel Brewery:  Buy their beers, they support action sports more than anyone

41:30:  Suicide, college, and triggers

45:30:  OD'ing on heroin, proposing, and homeless

51:00:  Red Bull Crashed Ice, prison, and facing 20 years and having the charges dropped

55:00:  What’s next

57:00:  Inappropriate Questions