Parker White is one of the most creative, stylish skiers out there today.  He’s known for his Level 1 Segments, his friendship with Darkness, and the style he brings to the backcountry.  He’s one of the more likeable people in skiing and while he’s only 28, he grew up fast in the ski world, moving from the East Coast to Mammoth at an age when most people are thinking about getting a driver’s license.  He’s also started brands, developed a line of skis and a whole lot more.

Parker White Show Notes:

2:00: Sean Decke, Stunt Man and family of athletes   

8:22:  Vermont, Ski racing, and getting twin tips/Wicked

12:00:  Chris Logan, Mt Snow, Vice’s and contests

20:00:  Stanley:  Get 30% off site wide with the code powell30

Evo:  The best online experience in action sports with retail to back it up

21:30:  Style, being found, and Level 1

26:00:  Leaving home, Hood, and Monster

30:00:  After Dark, stepping up his game, and The Big Picture

38:00:  Money, Sponsors, and

40:30  Spy Optic:  Get 20% off on their site Spyoptic.com using the code TPM20

10 Barrel Brewery:  Buy their beers, they support action sports more than anyone

41:45:  Developing a line of skis, Tomahawk, and Level 1 again

53:00:  Living in a CRV, and his part this year, and random Q’s

42:00:  The 2005 ‘Rider of the Year’ season, Rossignol, and a desk job at Academy

59:11:  Inappropriate Questions with Sean Decker