Tom Wallisch is one of the best skiers of his time and is still as humble as they come.  From the streets, to the internet, to the X-Games and the big screen, Tom is known for being technical as much as he is known for style.  Pretty impressive for a kid who grew up skiing in MD and PA. 


Monster Energy GoPro Line Skis The North Face Skullcandy Full Tilt ShredOptics

Slytech Protection Bose Seven Springs Resort Marker Bindings

Show Notes


  1:00:  Breaking his neck mountain biking

  3:06:  East Coast Skiing and being a grom

  9:07:  High North Camp

10:30:  Move to Utah for college

12:16:  Evo and Diecutstickers.com spots and codes. 

13:30:  Winning the Superunknown contest

17:04:  Rail skiing

22:40:  Sketchy urban situations

24:05:  Spy Optic and Sierra at Tahoe spots

26:00:  Sponsors

29:24:  Scholarships

34:45:  Contests and the future of Tom’s skiing

36:50:  Setting trends

39:00:  The world record rail

41:00:  What to expect this season from Tom

43:30:  What others think of Tom Wallisch