John Spriggs is known for many things:  Being a professional skier for over a decade, taking his basketball height and making it work in the terrain park and backcountry and, most recently, a high-profile arrest for assault and other charges.  Fresh out rehab, John now has 6 months of sobriety under his belt and he’s trying to figure out who he really is and learning strategies of how to deal with that person.  Between the alcohol and the anger issues, it’s not going to be an easy road.  And….he hasn’t given up on his pro ski career, the question is, have sponsors and fans given up on him?   


John Spriggs Show Notes

2:36:  What I have known about Spriggs over the years:  a little overview of his career

5:02:  Born and raised Denver and then moving to Vail and how Vail has changed

7:23:  Ski Club Vail and mogul contests and then the transition to Pipe and Slope

9:20:   Evo (listen for special offer) and Diecutstickers.com (Listen for 10% off your first order with DCS 15)10:25:  How long does it take to get good?

11:28:  Going full time in the world of twin tips:  X-Games and starting drinking at 14

15:30:  Filming with Poor Boys Productions and a party story that John doesn’t remember and more drinking and blackout talk

20:14:   RESQWATER

20:40:  Transitioning to TGR

21:10:  The Denver Big Air win:  Booze, money, family and police

23:40:  A ballpark on how many nights he’s blacked out and how many fights has he been in in his life?

25:15:  Hunter Schleper per goes on the record about his differences with Spriggs

30:30:  Injuries and other drugs

32:29:  Being a professional in the ski industry and having more sponsors than anyone along with a lot of passion for skiing

37:48:  Disagreeing on how stars are made in ski movies and his sour view on the ski industry

45:54:  Losing friends in skiing and going into a dark place and living in his truck for 3 years

49:38:  Drugs and coping and skiing at the highest level

53:40:  What happened on March 13?  Two days before the arrest

54:48:  THE CHARGES and John’s recollection of what happened that night

1:02:  What happens after Jail? Rehab, treatment, community service and 6 months clean