Scot Schmidt Show Notes:

Scot Schmidt is a legend in mountain towns across the globe.  He blazed a trail that inspired generations of skiers and created a way for ski athletes to monetize their talents outside of competition.    From learning to ski in Montana to moving to Squaw Valley with the goal of making the US Ski Team…. Skiing was “It” for him.   When money became a barrier to making the team, found himself shooting with local photographers and, eventually, traveling the world in the pursuit of good snow.

1:25:  What is Scot Schmidt up to in the offseason

3:00:  Growing up in Montana and how he got into skiing and skateboarding

5:45:  Joining the Bridger Bowl Ski Team, competitiveness, and HS

9:45:  What his parents think of him choosing to ski over everything else

11:18:   Evo (listen for special offer) and Diecutstickers.com (Listen for 10% off your first order with DCS 15)

12:51:  Moving to Squaw Valley with nothing

14:40:  Has he always been the quiet guy?  Did that impact his ski career?

15:45:  Racing in Squaw Valley and being the janitor for the race team

18:00:  Quitting racing and transitioning into magazine and Warren Miller films

20:20:  Products of the past and how it impacted style in skiing

23:56:   RESQWATER

24:40:  Getting a letter from Warren Miller that changes his life

26:26:  Being broke when he wasn’t traveling

29:14:  The North Face partnership, Stockli  K2 (and how the relationship fell apart)  Salomon

34:04:  Meeting Greg Stump at events and not really feeling his movies and then agreeing to do Blizzard

35:44:  Glen Plake  being a liability and his relationship with Plake

39:13:  Getting on Good Morning America and being recognized in and out of ski towns

41:16:  Is he making good money skiing?

42:50:  How did skiing impact his family life?

44:00:  Life at the Yellowstone Club, the passion of Justin Timberlake and skiing every day

47:58:  Skiers that he keeps up with today and his impact on skiing