Kris “Jaymo” Jamieson is one of the nicest and unintentionally cool people you will ever meet.  He doesn’t try to be the man, he just is and his passion is contagious.  He’s done everything you can do in action sports at the highest level, from being an athlete, media personality, desk jockey and now, to start up partner.  He’s never done anything soley for money, it’s always been about passion and the money has followed.

Kris 'Jaymo' Jamieson Show Notes

 2:00:  What is Evo Gimbals  and traveling to China

6:03:  Growing up in Hawaii, getting his first surf board from Gerry Lopez.  Skateboarding is the catalyst for everything that he’s ever done

10:40:   Evo (listen for special offer) and Diecutstickers.com (Listen for 10% off your first order with DCS 15)

12:00:  Moving back to OR and getting in to skiing and then snowboarding

14:50:  Going to OSU and what kind of dude was he, dropping out and working at Hoodoo Ski bowl

16:45:  Meeting Mike Olson and Pete Saari and getting on Gnu

17:50:  Riding for Gnu and the riders at the time

22:00:  What happened to Gnu and riding race boards

25:15:  RESQWATER and Sierra At Tahoe 

26:33   Joyride and Lib Tech snowboards and the Lib Salomon parody

30:00:  Running the first summer camp at Hood and the beginning of High Cascade

33:40:  Ski vs. Snowboard and making money

37:33:  Jeff Brushie and creative ability

40:40:  Being a Journalist, announcing, Sal Masakela

47:11:  Radio show and music

53:44:  # 30 at Go Pro and the layoffs