Kimmy  Fasani has never let the lows of life drag her down and she’s been through some painful experiences on her way to and at the peak of her snowboarding career.   She also hasn’t let the highs of being a top level professional snowboarder get to her head.   How long will that career last now that, coming of her best season ever on paper, Kimmy is pregnant with Chris Benchetler’s baby and her contracts are set to expire?  Hear what Kimmy has to say on the podcast.

Kimmy Fasani Show Notes:

1:11:  Chasing Adventure and the ski and snowboard rivalry

5:39:  Born and raised in Truckee and having a single mom and a 1-legged dad.

9:00:   Evo (listen for special offer) and Diecutstickers.com (Listen for 10% off your first order with DCS 15)

11:29:  Skiing at 2 years old and getting her first snowboard at 9 and being an only child

15:32:  Her USSA days and competition and gymnastics

17:50:  Losing her dad at 14 and how that affects her

22:00   RESQWATER and Sierra At Tahoe   

23:30:  Getting a call from Shannon Dunn, getting product sponsors, and working at Totally Board

25:18:  Moving to Mammoth and going to CC and University of Phoenix

27:31:  Getting dropped by Burton and giving it one more year

28:39:  Getting sponsored as a woman in snowboarding and expectations?

33:54:  DC and getting into filming with Leanne Pelosi and going to AK and filming with Standard

38:30:  Getting back on Burton, other sponsors (ZealCliff BarLulu LemonSkullCandy) and a huge year for her.

42:58:  What’s going to happen now that she pregnant and all her contracts are up?

47:50:  Giving back to snowboarding with Amusement Mountain

51:03:  The firsts for women that she’s achieved and what’s wrong with the people behind the scenes of media

53:16:  Losing her mom to cancer

59:00:  More about the baby and choices