When Matt Sterbenz finished at the U  of M, he left the Midwest in search of bigger mountains that would help him achieve his goal of becoming a pro skier.  When Matt turned his dream into a reality, he could finally peak behind the curtains of the ski industry.  When he realized he didn’t like what he saw, he decided take matters in own hands.  He starts 4FRNT Skis as a vehicle to help evolve the sport he loves and after 15 years of no profit, is forced to sell. On the podcast Matt shares all the details and how the future looks for the Jason Levinthal owned, 4FRNT.

Matt Sterbenz Show Notes

1:15:   Matt is at the old office and 4FRNT is moving headquarters.  What is the new space for?

3:45:  Tinkering and Eric Hjorleifson.

5:45:  Growing up and skiing in Chicago.

8:43:  Going to three high schools

10:11:  Evo (listen for special offer) and Diecutstickers.com (Listen for 10% off your first order with DCS 15)

11:30:  Sports and skiing moguls

17:56:  Summer camps and being inspired by Whistler and the people

22:44:   RESQWATER and Sierra At Tahoe    

24:10:  What happened to Camp of Champions in Matt’s opinion

26:40:  Getting sponsored by Fischer Skisi and making his skis twin tips

30:41:  Graduating from U of M and driving straight to Squaw Valley and working in the parking lot.  What do his parents think?

33:31:  The state of skiing 17 years ago when he was in Squaw

36:36:  Validating skiing in the Midwest and what that scene was like

38:24:  How does he make his first pair of 4FRNT Skis?

42:00   Signing an exclusive with a factory in LA and starting the 4FRNT.  Working with other factories and brands and making skis in Africa.

45:25:  Naming his first ski after himself

47:00:  How did the industry react to him launching the brand?

49:20:  Building the business, making money, athlete owners and the struggle

54:45:  The details around the final days of Sterbenz owned 4FRNT Skis, what’s happening to their dealers  and the future with Jason Levinthal