Jaimeson Keegan’s professional life has been one that every high school kid, who’s not the best at what they do sports-wise, dreams of.  He went from college to the music industry in Seattle when it was on fire and left that world for a company, RedBull, that no-one had really heard of yet.  That career choice created countless opportunities, the latest of which is his decade old sports agency, Superheroes Management.  For a desk jockey, he has a great story.

Jaimeson Keegan Show Notes

2:29:  What does an average week look like for Jaimeson

5:00:  Growing up in Rhode Island, sports, skateboarding, punk rock and family

12:43:  Evo (Use the code TPM10 for 10% off at checkout) and Diecutstickers.com (Listen for 10% off your first order with DCS 15)

14:00:  Indiana University, fraternities and more

19:25:  Moving to Seattle, bussing tables  and getting into the music business

29:15:  RESQWATER (enter the code resqwatertpm for a 20% discount on a 12 pack.  Click here: RESQWATER and Sierra At Tahoe

31:40:  Getting into Redbull and Lords of the Floor

35:20:  Moving to Puerto Rico and becoming a sports marketing manager

42:04:  Moving to Canada as the Head of Sports and Culture at RedBull and the athletes he worked with there.

50:14:  How did he become an agent and starting Superheroes Management?

58:30:  How much time do athletes get?

100:30:  Breaking up with athletes