Bobby Brown didn’t start skiing until he was 11 years old and just 7 years later found himself standing on top of the X-Games podium, which he considers more important than the Olympics.  Bobby and I talk about coming up, his career, his final shot at Olympic Gold and everything in between.

Bobby Brown Show Notes:

1:17:  What is Bobby up to now and what was his summer like

2:25:  Watching the Broncos lose the Super Bowl when he was in Sochi

3:50:  Getting into skiing at 11 years old, the X-Games and what other sports he was into. 

6:41:  Is he one of those natural athletes that is good at everything and High School

10:00:  Being inspired by Jonny Moseley and skiing everyday 11:30: 

13:30:  Was there any academy training in his life?

14:00:  Skiing for 7 years and then winning X-Games gold and how the progression of tricks worked for Bobby

15:40:  Bobby’s Sponsors:  SmithRed BullGoProLifeproof and Salomon

16:04:  Evo (listen for special offer) and Diecutstickers.com (Listen for 10% off your first order with DCS 15)

17:40:  Winning his first contest and having Saga as his first sponsor and making sponsor me resume’s and getting real sponsors 16

20:00: Being part of the Salomon super team and being involved with his sponsors?

23:05:  Not taking advantage of a RedBull opportunity with his first reality show and the RedBull performance side

26:09:  His first X-Games experience and getting his first spot from Tanner Hall and then winning medals

28:30:  Wrapping his head around the rotations that he’s doing

31:05:  What skiers was he tight with?

32:17:  Deciding to be a real athlete health-wise for the Olympics

33:15:  RESQWATER and Sierra At Tahoe 

36:16:  What happened in Sochi?  The drama of making the team

38:40:  Moving to the Backcountry in Be Water and Roots Lead to Water

40:35:  Gearing up for South Korea and the Olympics

42:23:  The exposure of big events and the X Games is more important than the Olympics to Bobby

43:45:  Slvsh and the excitement around it

44:40:  What is the dumbest thing that anyone’s ever asked him to do for money?