On paper, Joe Ciaglia's life sounds like a mob movie where the mobster, Joe, is bagging groceries at a store conveniently located across from the track.   He meets a couple older gentlemen who introduce him to the inside world of the track.  While learning the underbelly of the horse game, Joey starts winning city contracts for skate parks.   It’s an interesting rag to riches story that includes professional skateboarders (Rob Dyrdek), race horses, accusations of collusion and no mob ties that I know of.

Joe Ciaglia Show Notes

1:45:  What does Joe do?

3:00:  How the attitudes of perception around skateboarding have changed. 

4:00:  Does Joe skate

5:45:  Grew in California and then he jumps ahead in the story and I reel him back to childhood, gymnastics and graduating at 16

9:17:  Evo (listen for special offer) and Diecutstickers.com (Listen for 10% off your first order with DCS) 

Spy (25% off site wide, listen for code) and Sierra at Tahoe spots

10:33:  What does he do after high school?  Working at Ralphs and the Santa Anita racetrack

12:33:  Getting into the horse game and Enumclaw Washington

13:37:  Getting into the carpet cleaning hustle and then selling the company and how he gets into landscaping

15:00:  Getting into skateboarding through putting in a bid in for a skatepark and then that business exploded for him

17:46:  Was he skating at that point or did he start skateboarding once he started building parks

19:10:  The companies that Joe has under his umbrella and developing the Mega for Danny Way and the Great Wall

20:43:  Maloof Money cup and the building of a concrete park in 5 days.  They showcased their skills and that’s where he met Rob Dyrdek

22:28:  Fantasy Factory that he built in a week, Street League

23:01:  World’s Largest Skateboard

24:00:  Collusion accusations and legal issues

25:30:  Horse Racing and his history in the sport

26:55:  Rob racing a horse and Rob’s involvement in horses

28:40:  How many horses is he in on?  How much money has he made off horses?

31:39:  What are the Jockeys like?

32:20:  The Olympics and skateboarding.  Joe’s thoughts