Jill Kintner is a badass on a bike and has been for more than half of her life.  Regardless of the discipline, she had a drive to be the best on her bike and that drive was first instilled by her dad.  Her story is a rollercoaster of emotions dominated by a lot of wins and one huge loss, it’s worthy of its own afterschool special.  Jill tells her story, from the NW, to the Olympics, and beyond.

Jill Kintner Show Notes: 

1:30:  Winning the US Open and dealing with the conditions

5:00:  Born in Seattle and chasing around her brother

7:00:  Riding transitions and other sports and what she sucks at

9:26:  Were there any girls to look up to when she was a kid?    

11:07:  Leading into my sponsors, Jill talks about hers and what they do for her.  Red BullNorco BikesShimano  Maxxis TiresSombrio Clothing,  Smith OpticsFabric Saddles

12:38:  Being a privateer and how her life is different than teammate Rachel Atherton.

15:38:  Why is she not racing on the World Cup anymore?

18:08:  Evo (listen for special offer) and Diecutstickers.com (Listen for 10% off your first order with DCS 15) 

20:10:  Becoming pro at 14 and traveling on her mom buddy passes and the support of her parents.

24:00:  Keeping her success quiet because she was shy and how she did in school

26:00:  Having a social life in high school.

28:21:  Hitting a wall with BMX and going to design school at RIT and then school in SF

30:44:  BMX is going to be part of the Olympics and then losing her dad

34:50:  Hurting her knee twice.  Once right before the games and the drama of almost not making the team

38:16:  The pressure on the top dawgs at the Olympics and her Olympic run

39:42:  The emotions of winning a medal for her Dad and with her family and then the media tour

41:20:  Win a medal get dropped from your sponsor and how the medal separates her from the rest of the bikers out there

42:52:  Re-defining herself after the Olympics and focusing on downhill.

43:58:  Her life in Bellingham and the pump track that she lobbied to have built.