For most of JT Holmes’ 20+ years as a professional athlete, he’s been looked at as a pro skier and he still has that title.  These days JT moonlights as a wingsuit pilot, off-road racer, and stuntman, all at a professional level.  He’s worked to achieve some great things in the mountains, air, and on the big screen over the years while experiencing more loss (people doing what they love) than anyone I know.  JT lives in a world of risk and he gets ‘real’ talking about death, his avalanche, and his career in general.

JT Holmes Show Notes

2:58:  JT’s racing career is coming together and he’s winning.  He even has sponsors (for cars and his other pursuits) and wins money.  Red BullSquaw Valley,  PolarisUrban Armor Gear,  BF Goodrich  Head Skis,

7:04:  Born in Boston but a 100% Californian at heart.  Palo Alto is home for JT’s formative years

9:00:  Growing up the son of a doctor who was into rad shit

9:50:  What is the scar on JT’s lip?

10:50:  What sports did JT play growing up?

12:04:  Moving to Squaw Valley Academy and that life

13:12:  Evo (listen for special offer) and Patrol USA Use TPM10 at checkout on the site and get 10% off

14:00:  Being on a team was a means to an end for JT, Jonny Moseley and realizing he wasn’t that good at moguls

17:10:  An encounter with Shane McConkey and Jeff McKittrick that put JT on a path that he is still on today

21:40:  JT is wise beyond his years at 14 years old and evaluates the options of how he can become a professional skier

24:23:  JT decides freeskiing is his path to professionalism and contests are the way to get noticed and Kirkwood in 1998 is what puts JT on the map

24:30: Diecutstickers.com (Listen for 10% off your first order with DCS)  and RESQWATER

28:17:  Going back to public school and graduating in 3 years at 16 years old

28:53:  Getting his first sponsorship outside of his freestyle program while skiing in a tie and sweater

31:00:  Being on K2 and moving on to Volkl and then reaching out to brands and people to make sponsorships (Sessions) and shoots happen.  Getting his first checks

38:00:  How did his and Shane’s relationship evolve though nerding out on gear and Shane fueling JT’s increasing interest in parachutes.

40:33:  JT’s first BASE jump (Chris DavenportAaron McCgovern, Jeff McKittrick, Othar Lawrence andShane)  in 2002 with absolutely zero experience with skydiving or BASE minus one illegal tandem jump when his was 16 in NZ

43:49:  Learning to BASE jump (50 jumps) with Jimmy Freeman

46:10:  How important are his gut feelings to what he does for a living and big airs with Julian Carr

48:57:  Shane taking things too far and the funniest McConkey story I’ve never heard

53:00:  Looking back on Shane’s accident, what would he do differently now that he’s had time to evaluate everything

56:11:  JT is a professional in airborne sports and he does not endorse them

58:30:  Has JT been to therapy for the losses he’s witnessed and experienced?

59:23:  Living through an avalanche.  JT is buried for almost 7 minutes in 2016