Hana Beaman has been a professional snowboarder for half of her life.  She has been on the podium at the X Games, shredded powder in Alaska and done everything in between…but her real focus in life is finding fun.  On the podcast, we talk about her career, test tube babies, gender inequality in snowboarding, and a lot more…

Hana Beaman Show Notes

2:39:  How long has she been coming to High Cascade Snowboard Camp and Windells Camp  ?

3:31:  Growing up Big Bear Lake, her test tube sister, pirate ships, and ski tote catalogs.

6:50:  How did she get into skiing and getting her first snowboard from Tom Simms at age 6.  

9:49:  Evo (listen for special offer) and Diecutstickers.com (Listen for 10% off your first order with DCS 15)

14:00:   Seeing her first snowboard movie, Decade, and seeing Snow Summit as a park.

14:56:  Was she a regular high school kid and sports in high school.

16:38:  Sierra Nevada College and snowboarding and meeting the right people

17:50:  Seeing the path and dropping out of school

19:06:  Vans and the Warped Tour , Ride and team managers with crazy hands, Von Zipper, the best team she was ever on, and energy drinks.

25:05:  Patrol USA Use TPM10 at checkout on the site and get 10% off and RESQWATER

26:40:  How soon does success happen for her?

28:57:  The US Open in Vermont and other contests  

30:31:  Who did Hana look up to early on in her career?

32:54:  Being a woman in snowboarding and difference in treatment and pay

37:50:  How was she at contests mentally and meeting celebrities

40:52:  Getting frustrated with the scene and going to ride powder with Travis Rice.

45:53:  Being a pioneer on content early in her career

48:34:  The Full Moon Film

51:26:  Snowboarding today and the tricks

52:26:  Real estate and where she lives 

54:20:  What’s next for Hana  and what people said about her