Tim Eddy is one of the more positive people you'll ever meet and he happens to be a pro snowboarder with an interesting story.  He started slaying rails and rocking a persona known as T-Money when he was an up-an-comer on Burton and then he really found his true, wacky, self when he left the brand.   We talk about being an am, what it means to go pro, the financial crisis, tiny homes and more...

Tim Eddy Show Notes

2:18:  What is the Rat Race all about? 

5:00:  From Mass to Sacramento to Truckee, getting into skateboarding,

6:00:  Finding snowboarding and being inspired and not taking snowboarding serious

9:19:  Evo (listen for special offer) and Diecutstickers.com (Listen for 10% off your first order with DCS 15)

10:55:  Getting sponsored as a kid by Ground Zero and Burton, who was T-Money?

14:35:  Going to a Charter School, being a responsible young kid with a little money

15:41:  Leaving Burton on his own accord, getting on Airblaster and struggling for a couple of years to build them, eventually getting on K2

20:31:  The difference between being an Am and Pro in snowboarding and having a pizza sponsor

23:06:  Patrol USA Use TPM10 at checkout on the site and get 10% off and RESQWATER

24:50:  The financial crisis and many more things change life and make Tim into who he is today

31:28:  What happens when he finally goes pro?

33:30:  Energy drinks and being positive all the time and donating to charity

35:51:  Building the Childerness (his tiny home with concrete skatepark) and then losing it 6 years later.