Aaron Feinberg won the X-Games on his 16th birthday and never looked back.  He was a skater with a park image who wasn’t all about the park and felt the need to prove it.  The evolution of his skating, combined with some calculated sponsor choices, created the path for Aaron to become one of the most respected street skaters in the game.   These days the world is a different place for Aaron and we look back on his career and talk about he’s up to today.

Aaron Feinberg Show Notes:

2:00:  Jewish athletes 

5:40:  Growing up in  Miami, Tai Kwon Do champion

12:00:  Moving to Portland, OR, getting sponsored and life changing 

18:09:  Dropping out of High School 

19:20:  Evo (Use the code TPM10 for 10% off at checkout)

RESQWATER (enter the code resqwatertpm for a 20% discount on a 12 pack)

The 10 Barrel Brewery:    My favorite is Out of Office Pilsner

21:20: The Salomon Days and money

26:50:  Winning the X Games at 16, skating with hero’s, and image

34:00:  Weed, cigarettes and the end of the Salomon

39:00:  USD, the internet, and injuries

46:00:  How does he replace skating, pool and poker

50:00:  Sean Cullen and Jeremy Townsend

50:45:  Inappropriate Questions