Graham Agassiz is way more laid back than you would expect for a mountain biker who looks forward to putting his life on the line at Rampage each year.  He’s one of the best, who rides with a signature, loose style that really shines in a big mountain setting.  On the podcast, we talk about leaving Kona, the influence of moto and snowboarding, getting bullied, rampage, and injuries.  Aggy is one of those dudes that lives to have fun and that always makes for a great podcast. 

Graham Agassiz Show Notes:

1:15:  From Kona to Evil

11:00:  Growing up in Kamloops, RAD, and getting bullied

17:20:  Sun Peaks, quitting basketball, and moto influence

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23:30:   BMX, being judged, and getting his first mountain bike

28:00:  Mountain biking, winning a comp at Sun Peaks and quitting racing

36:00:  Snowboarding influence, New World Disorder, and riding out of his comfort zone

41:30:  Sponsorship, money and comparing him to other athletes 

34 :00:  Taking a year off after high school, and 2008 the year that defines his career

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44:40:  Comparing him to skiers and snowboarders and signature products

49:00:  Breaking his neck, Ashes to Agassiz, and demons

58:00:  2015 Rampage, 2016 Rampage crash and scary aftermath

65:00:  Pulling out early and Rampage being the Pinnacle

66:00:  Inappropriate Questions with Derek Westerlund