Scott Stevens is one of the most creative snowboarders out there and his skills on a trampoline are second to none.  He’s not a household name but he should be.  Instead, he’s a blue-collar snowboarder who is comfortable in front of the camera, not crowds.  I caught up with Scott at High Cascade Snowboard Camp to talk about his life and career. 

Scott Stevens Show Notes

2:27:  Scott’s history at High Cascade Snowboard Camp and who influenced him

4:00:  Who rides like him in snowboarding

6:25:  Defenders of Awesome and innovating every year

8:07:  Who is he inspired by today:  Cole Navin

9:06:  Sponsors for Scott today:  CapitaSmith32CoalUnionMagical Gogo,  Theory Skateshop

10:10:  Evo (listen for special offer) and Diecutstickers.com (Listen for 10% off your first order with DCS 15)

11:44:  Growing up in Massachusetts and family

12:36:  Played baseball year-round through high school

14:00:  His dad takes him for lessons at Mt Tom

15:00:  The Capita team

16:00:  Did he ever ski? And how did snowboarding take over

17:52:  Skateboarding and eating habits and working out

18:50:  OCD, hockey tempers and using cameras

21:11:  RESQWATER is Proactive Recovery.

21:54:  Who is Scott in High School?  Does he know he wants to be a pro and how often is he riding?

25:54:  Mini Shredding and it wasn’t looked at as that cool

26:27:  When did sponsors happen for him and the growth of social media and being an early adopter to internet videos

29:42:  Moving to Utah and now in Portland

32:33:  Injuring his shoulder again and beating up your body

34:40:  His trampoline skills and self-motivation.  Here is an edit

37:25:  Money, partying, and the industry

41:01:  The nickname Sleepy

42:11:  What’s to expect this season