Peter Line is the visionary snowboarding icon who helped start the “Rider Owned” movement in snowboarding.  When Peter wasn’t busy creating the best team of snowboarders in the history of the sport-The Forum 8- He was creating tricks, the Backside Rodeo, that would completely change the sport.  Still a player in the sport today, Peter now spends his time out of the spotlight, designing clothing for Dakine, board graphics and pursuing his other artistic passions.

Peter Line Show Notes

 3:10:  Born in Media PA and not remembering it and the PA Bikinni team

 4:10:  What’s the morning of Peter Line look like?  Designing for Dakine and what that looks like being a remote employee

 6:00:  Everything is self-taught.  It started at Four Square in 1996

 7:19:  Growing up in Kirkland, skateboarding and what snowboarding was like in the beginning

 9:15:  What group did he hang with in High School?

10:40:   Evo (listen for special offer) and Diecutstickers.com (Listen for 10% off your first order with DCS) 

12:00:  How did he get gear and things growing up.  He didn’t watch TV for an entire year.

13:20:  The crew he snowboarded with and was there any skiing in his background?

14:15:  When did he realize he was good and he was going to focus his life on snowboarding?  Division 23 Shoot

15:40:  Kurt Heine, video parts and his career taking off

17:19:  Did he start Forum and Foursquare himself?   

19:25:  The Forum 8 and making money

21:25:  Spy (25% off site wide, listen for code) and Sierra at Tahoe spots

23:00:  From Blockbuster Video to making money, Mack Dawk, The X-Games and his parents pride.

25:40:  The effects of alcohol and partying on his life?

26:40:  Injuries throughout his career:  Knee, Shoulder, Arm, Foot, Back…. The injury that made him think about if the risk was worth it.

29:00:  Standout moments of his career

30:30:  When he did come to terms with not being a pro rider anymore?

31:00:  Killing Forum and Foursquare and the end of an era

33:30:  The Limo business

35:00:  What’s next?  Things he can’t talk about

35:35:  Rapping with MCA (Beastie Boys) and kissing Uma Thurman